Ball valves for Gas Transmission

Ball valves for Gas Transmission
The solutions adopted by BROEN in their gas distribution ball valves prioritise reliability and ease of operation. The modern systems, e.g. DPE (Double Piston Effect), the Metal-Metal ball seal or PMSS, as well as additional lubrication, are specifically dedicated for advanced gas applications.

Production range: DN15-DN1400.
Working pressure PS=63 or 100 bar
Manufacturer: BROEN

We also equip our ball valves with additional accessories on custom order:

  • electric actuator,
  • pneumatic actuator,
  • electro-hydraulic and pneumatic-hydraulic drives,
  • gear,
  • position indicators,
  • stem extension
  • by-pass
  • protective coats (e.g. Protegol)
  • other, as requested.


Ball valves’ features for gas transmission:



Double Piston Effect 
Both seals in the valves with the “Double Piston Effect” (DPE) actively participate in the internal sealing of the valve. In the case of any damage to one of the seals, the tightness of the valve is ensured by a second seal thanks to their special construction.






Double Block and Bleed 
DBB system allows the bleeding of the pressure closed in the space between the ball and the body. This allows checking the tightness of valve closure without the need for shutdown. The body is depressurised by unscrewing special drain plug. It is possible to check the tightness of the closure for some types of valves irrespective of the position of the valve (closed or open).


open valve

closed valve





Antistatic protection (EN 1983; API Spec. 6D) 
The metal connection of the ball and the body ensures the continuous electrical conductivity preventing the dangerous accumulation of electrostatic charges on the ball.







Sealing of the stem
The sealing of the stems used in the valves depends on the operating temperatures of the valve and the working medium, for which the given valve is dedicated.
Front sealing is provided by a seal-washer made from PTFE + C, while the sealing on the stem's diameter is made depending on the operating temperature, i.e.:
- for temp. ≤ 150°C – sealing provided by o-rings or o-rings and PTFE;
- for temp. >150°C – sealing from PTFE;
In respect of the valves with fire safe protection the stem has additional sealing made from a graphite ring.







Additional lubrication 
The ball valves wear out during use, which is demonstrated in the wear, scratches or other gaps in the sealing and balls. The leakages occurring then can be regenerated by injection of high viscosity and high adhesion sealant using a special additional lubrication system at the surface of the ball-seal.
The valves with an additional lubrication system are not filled with lubrication sealant.
The additional lubrication installations are offered as a standard for valves from DN150 to pressure PN 63-100.
The additional lubrication installations for valves from DN200 PN 16-40 and for valves DN100 PN 63-100 are an option made at the customer's special request.





Fire safe protection (EN ISO 10497) 
The fire protection comprises a set of special solutions of sealing elements based on metal and graphite materials, which during a fire of the installation allow maintaining the tightness of the valve according to the relevant standards. An outline of the solution is presented in the drawing.
The fire safe protection is an option made at the special request of the customer.





PMSS sealing of the ball (Primary Metal Secondary Soft) 
PMSS type sealing of the ball in the valves manufactured by BROEN-ZAWGAZ is dedicated to gas media. The first sealing concerns the special metal surface, while the second sealing concerns the hard sealing guaranteeing the tightness of the valve. PMSS type sealing is applied to the valves with the floating ball and the trunnion mounted ball. A sample solution is presented in the drawing.






Metal-Metal sealing 
Metal – Metal type sealing in the valves manufactured by BROEN –ZAWGAZ is dedicated for advanced applications. The sealing concerns a special surface of metal housing adherent to the ball surface. The cooperating surfaces are covered with wolfram carbide, which enables long and defect-free operation. Metal-metal sealing is applied exclusively to the valves with the trunnion mounted ball. A sample solution is presented in the drawing below.



open valve

closed valve